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Security Cameras Made Easy

Wirepath Surveillance has come out with a great solution for keeping a close eye on your Michigan home or business remotely from you Apple or Android device.  Here are the details:

Single Camera and Matrix Views– View up to 16 security cameras in single or split screen mode*. To zoom to a specific camera, simply double tap the image to jump to full screen view. This makes it a breeze to monitor the entire premises or just a single room.

Selectable Streaming Quality- Many apps from the competition force you to low-res viewing. That’s OK when you’re on 3G or other bandwidth limited connections – but what if you have an unlimited data plan or are using Wi-Fi? With Wirepath’s selectable streaming resolutions, you finally get to see what you’ve been missing!

Landscape Mode and Swipe Support- To maximize viewing angle on a single security camera, simply rotate your iPhone to landscape mode. To switch to the next camera, simply swipe your finger across the screen.

Multi-DVR Management- All your DVRs are in one place for a consistent – and seamless – user experience. Check in on multiple residences, retail stores or restaurants directly from the same App.

Digital Snapshot- When viewing live recorded video of a security camera, simply press the snapshot button to copy a picture to your iPhone’s photo library. You can then use the native iPhone text messaging (SMS) or email App to share the photo.