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Michigan Home Automation - Control4 Installation & Programming

Elegance, functionality, and convenience of Control4 home automation (also known as smart home technology) combine to form a harmonious atmosphere for any home or office. Truly amazing automation activates custom tailored lighting scenes at the touch of a button. Turning on the media server could set in action a chain of events including lowering the blinds and turning on the audio and video equipment for a relaxing night at the movies. Home Automation is the intelligent control and coordination of almost anything electronic and its power and convenience are only limited by the imagination.

Michigan Home Automation systems offer endless value with many smart home technologies being combined into one easy to use system by Control4. Homeowners can leave for a vacation and with the press of a button on the way out the door, rest confident that the alarm was activated, doors locked, thermostat set back, and the lights begin cycling the last two weeks of activity. Lighting, whole house audio, home theater, HVAC, security and surveillance, irrigation, window treatments and most any other electronic system can be controlled from centralized points such as remote controls, touch pads and PC tablets.

Home Automation Features

  • Secure Your Home – lights, doors, windows, temperature control, etc. with the touch of a button
  • Begin a Movie with the touch of a single movie icon turn on your receiver, 4K BluRay player, big screen and dim the lights
  • A Little Light Music – press a button to distribute home audio, set lights and water features, and secure the private parts of your home
  • Control Your Blinds – automatically control your blinds at different parts of the day to protect carpets and furnishings
  • The Possibilities are endless…

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