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Experiencing A Custom Michigan Home Theater

Michigan home theater is an experience — not just boxes with knobs and buttons. Syntronic Systems is passionate about music and cinema, and we bring our passion to you from the design of your home theater.  We will help you select the right components to make your experience the best it can be.  These selections include choosing the right 4K or HD projector, surround sound, amplifiers, and sources.

Imagine inserting the latest blockbuster 4K Blu-Ray or streaming the latest Netflix mini-series into your system, turning down the lights, sitting back in the elegant leather of your home theater seating and being transported into the movie like you have never been with all the latest home theater technology. Imagine feeling the sonic boom of a fighter jet in your chest just as if it flew over your house. Imagine scenes so real you think you are there. Imagine feeling like you are front row and center of the best concert of your life. All these things and more are possible with a home theater designed and installed by Syntronic Systems.

Perfect Blending of Movies and Music

  • Custom Michigan Home Theatre Design – get the right theatre design from the start with custom cabinets and fixtures for your room and hardware
  • Harmonious Hardware – selecting the right surround sound speakers, receiver, creating audio reproduction is both art and science
  • Speaker Placement – where your speakers are located in your room are critical to the overall theater experience
  • Bringing it All Together – combining audio and video with automation and cabinetry craftsmanship will deliver an experience you will never forget
  • Easy to Use – making your system so simple to use that even a guest can control it
  • Imagine…

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