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As audio and video media becomes more of a part of the way we live our lives, it logically follows that the way we listen to and watch media should fit within our varied lifestyles. And, that doesn’t necessarily mean a dedicated room such as a home theater. After all, while such spaces are certainly ideal, not everyone has the extra real estate or cash to dedicate to such a room. Not only that, there are benefits to not using a dedicated room and using a room such as a living room, den, or study for the purpose of a media room. There is a common misconception that a truly high quality media experience can only come forth from a dedicated room. The truth is that rooms that are used by a family to watch TV, or socialize, or do as families do, can work remarkably well to experience the finest Blu-Ray movie or the latest rock n’ roll sensation. These rooms simply require a little more creativity.

Bring the Family Together

  • Centrally located for the entire family to enjoy
  • Brings family and friends together more often
  • Multi-purpose room for other leisure activities
  • Less expensive than a dedicated home theater
  • Audio and Video quality can be maintained at a high standard

Syntronic Systems is proud to offer brands such as Samsung and Pioneer HDTVs, Monitor Audio Speakers Denon CI (Custom Installation) Components, Fusion Research Media Servers and many more to ensure that your media room meets your high expectations.

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